The best wines of the Maremma

From hidden champions to the world wide known

Sooner or later it comes – always! The question of a wine tasting or the best wines in Maremma. Finding a bad wine in the area is more like the familiar needle in a haystack. Of course there are those of high standing, whose echoes resonate far beyond the borders of Italy, but also those of which you have certainly never heard of. And, tasting is not just tasting, just as Vermentino is not just Vermentino.

Therefore, today I would like to share my experiences with wine tastings and guided tours in Tuscany with our guests and present my personal favorites.



The Monteverro winery (Monte = mountain and Verro = boar, which are often found in the region) is in German hands. The entrepreneur Georg Weber has managed to give shape to his numerous ideas that arose during a sabbatical with the help of local and international experts from the industry. At a location that was previously completely undervalued, although there are climatic conditions and soil conditions similar to those in the region around Bolgheri.

Thanks to the pioneering spirit and a strong motivation to follow the passion for wine, Bordeaux wines with IGT award are mainly produced here, which – apart from the Vermentino – have been certified organic since 2019.

The winery has its own laboratory and can therefore respond particularly quickly to test results and determine the best time for the harvest. In the end, this is noticeable in the taste of the 6 different wines. The “Creme de la Creme” is the Monteverro, in which only the very best grapes are used to complete the blend. Followed by Terra, also a Bordeaux blend, the Verruzzo, a wine for every day, and another red one, the Syrah Tinata, named after Georg Weber’s mother.

Two white wines round off the Monteverro range harmoniously. A fruity Vermentino (100%) and an extraordinary Chardonay, which is unusual for the region, my absolute, personal favorite.

For a tour with a knowledgeable guide and a subsequent tasting of all wines, you should plan around 2 hours and make a reservation in advance. The tours are possible in English, German or Italian, are very interesting and are always accompanied by a professional.

If you are interested, you can contact Rita L Miraldi directly: visit@monteverro.com

She looks forward to your visit.



The Bulichella winery is located on the outskirts of Suvereto and has been working with the same employees for decades, which significantly contributes to the consistently high quality of the organic wines.

If you have the opportunity to get to know the operational boss Stefano Buonaguidi, he will enchant you with his passion for his wine. I organized several Wine & Dine evenings with him in the hotel, in which each course was accompanied by one of the 8 Bulichella wines and every guest fell in love with these wines, which are regularly awarded top marks.

My personal favorite is the Hide, a Syrah. A rather unusual grape for the area, and perhaps so interesting because it is so different from the usual flavors of the area. The winery is rather small and inconspicuous, also in terms of external communication. Don’t let that confuse you. The inner values ​​are far greater than the outer appearance.

Guided tours in the winery and a subsequent tasting are also possible at short notice. In any case, I recommend calling in advance. The staff speaks Italian and English: info@bulichella.it



A little further north of Suvereto, although still in the province of Livorno, we now come to the first places in the world rankings, the wines of the Bolgheri area. When I came to Bolgheri for the first time, however, I was a bit confused. Full of (high) expectations from what I had heard and read so far, I found a place whose center is no bigger than the Piazza Santa Croce in Florence. As soon as I was inside, I was already outside again, always hoping that the best is about to come. It wasn’t until a little later that I realized that good is often so close and in the details that sometimes it takes a little more time to recognize it.

But it’s worth it. The Bolgheri wines would of course be worth their own chapter. Still, I want to focus on two that you should definitely try.

The Campo alla Sughera winery belongs to the German Knauf family, which is (actually) the global market leader in the manufacture of plasterboard. A total of 4 different wines are produced on the approximately 16.5 hectare winery. Including 3 red and with the Vermentino a white wine in the portfolio. My personal favorite is the Adeo. Very round and elegant, not too bulky, without losing the Bolgheri character.

Take the time to make several tours in the area. This will give you an even better feeling for the differences between the wines that grow up so close to each other.

Then stay for a while in the center of Bolgheri and stroll through the alleys. You are sure to find a nice present for those who stayed at home and that is the best way to capture the atmosphere on site. Maybe you like it so much that you stay for dinner. If you like meat dishes, you should definitely try the “Bolgheri +” from my friend Gabriele. They have the best steak in the area and definitely your favorite wine.



The second Bolgheri winery that I would like to recommend to you is the Allegrini family’s Poggio al Tesoro. This is a company that is already producing wine in the 6th generation. Actually specializing in Amarone in the Verona area, the Poggio al Tesoro project began in 2000 in Bolgheri on an area of ​​approx. 14 hectares.

The specialty of this winery is the range of products with 8 different wines, i.e. twice as many compared to Campo alla Sughera (only 4).

With this in mind, everyone is sure to find their own personal favorite here.

The greatest demand, however, is for the Vermentino, which is sold in around 130,000 bottles per year. Anyone who has tasted it once will understand its popularity.

Of course, it has the freshness and fruitiness of a Vermentino and lives up to its name. But it’s less salty and less dry than usual and that’s why it’s so popular, especially with women.

At this point, I can already reveal that the winery will open its own, high-quality boutique hotel in 2021. You will thus have the opportunity to stay overnight in this wonderful area in the future. To find a high quality hotel in this area that is on the same level of quality as the wine has not been found before. I will therefore be very happy to keep you informed about this interesting project.

The best way to reserve a guided tour is to contact Ludovica: ospitalita@poggioaltesoro.it



The Val delle Rose winery, very close to Grosseto, belongs to the Cecchi family, who are now in their fourth generation of wine making and who operate a total of 6 wineries in Italy. One in San Gimigliano, 2 in Chianti, 1 in Montalcino and another in Umbria. This means that you can, of course, fall back on reliable empirical values, which are ultimately reflected in the quality and taste of your wines.

With approx. 105 hectares, the Val delle Rose is relatively large compared to the other presented wineries and thus creates a wide range of 8 different wines and approx. 2,000,000 bottles sold per year. This makes them number 1 in all of Italy when it comes to the amount of “Morellino” sold.

In the area of ​​events and “Wine Experiences“, the Val delle Rose is in charge of the region. There are a total of 3 different hiking trails through the vineyards, either 2.4 or 7 km in length and wonderful resting places with breathtaking views. The rest areas are lovingly prepared for you with delicacies and various wine tastings, so that every rest is an individual surprise. The paths can be explored either on foot or by bike. The absolute highlight is the picnic with a Land Rover Jeep.


Talk to my friend Daniele about your individual ideas. He will be happy to advise you and find the best solution for you: dpratesi@valdellerose.it