Ana is a passionate host. She is a good, empathic listener and loves to look after guests and make them feel well in her city.

Born and raised in Malaga, with a strong interest in exploring all exciting experiences in town, you will be in good hands with her as your personal concierge during your stay at the Costa del Sol. Either you are looking for the best beach club for your family, the most talented hair dresser, authentic restaurants, or the most reliable boat rental company,
Ana has been there, met the service providers to ensure you get the best out of your time in Andalusia.

With her background in event and luxury hospitality management, she knows the expectations of her guests and how to satisfy them.
Her energetic character is contagious, she always has an honest smile on her face that expresses her positive attitude, every day.
Our team and our guests are very grateful for that gift.

Ana has studied tourism and event management at the university of Malaga.

She speaks Spanish, English and French.